How Witnessing Your Fears Will Change Your Life

It's a simple truth that you must witness your behavior if you want to change it. Obvious, right? Not always. Often times our unconscious reflex can be to push down any negative or fear based thoughts we have without even thinking about it. We don't want to look behind the curtain to see where they’re coming from, or fact check if they’re even true because...why? Is it because we think dredging up all the old stuff we've been trying to hide from will only make it worse? Or because we think focusing on our fears and giving them attention will only make them more powerful? 

The truth is, denying that those fears exist is the thing that will give them strength. If you can admit how fear is driving your actions and thoughts, you can begin to peel back the layers to figure out why it’s there in the first place. You can investigate why you believe the fear is real. 

In this week's episode of the SHINE & SEEK podcast I dive in to this topic and talk about why looking at your fear and witnessing it when it comes up is the key to clearing it from your life. I also touch on my experience with Gabby Bernstein's best-selling book, May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness, to share how the lesson from the first day in particular helped me identify and get real about my fears, and how it can help you do the same. Thanks for listening! 

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