Trusting What You Know And Choosing To Be Happy

Do you ever find yourself falling back into old habits and not even really realizing it? One of mine is frantically polling everyone around me and asking them what they think I should do. And the crazy thing is I know when I'm doing it that what I'm really doing is looking for external validation to either affirm or contradict what I maybe kind-of sorta think I should do. But the thing about searching outside yourself for the answer doesn't work. In most situations we really do know what to do, but a lot of us have trouble hearing that answer. So, when I feel like I'm in that place there are a few things I do to move through it.

I often find it super helpful to talk something through with a few trusted people, and I feel fortunate to have friends who can help me release the need to over analyze and remind me that I likely already know the answer deep down inside. The ability of someone to reflect that back to you when you're on the verge of a freak out is priceless. But even after talking it out we can still have a hard time truly trusting we know what to do next, so creating pockets of stillness to allow that inner knowing to come forth is often the best next step.

Building that trust with myself is something I work at on a daily basis, and even though I veer off course sometimes, I'm able to regroup and get back on track when I focus on what is true and trust that my intuition is leading me in the right direction.

Sometimes, when it comes to trusting if the answer I'm hearing is true for me I'll think of a simple question posed in A Course In Miracles: Would you rather be right or happy? Because underneath whatever decision we're trying to make in the moment, the real decision is often whether we'd rather be right or happy. I've heard Gabby Bernstein and Marianne Williamson repeat this question more times than I count, but lately I'd felt a little stuck in needing to be right and have been sacrificing my happiness as a result. But I also know I have the choice to shift that for myself, so I choose happy. 

I filmed this video after Gabby's Judgment Detox workshop and a day spent with the spirit junkie girls (and boys!) I have come to know and love. I am eternally grateful for the wisdom, compassion, and clarity they continually bring to my life. I felt like things that had been weighing on me were lifted after releasing some of the judgment I'd been carrying, so I decided to get back in the game and talk it out on video. I hope something I explore might be just the thing you needed to hear today.