36 Things I've Learned in 36 Years

birthday list

Birthdays always bring out my reflective side, so I thought I'd share 36 things I've lived and learned over the past 36 years as I celebrate the beginning of year 37. 

I think this list is probably a product of all the influences I’ve had throughout my life from childhood until now, but really came in to form when I discovered the work of teachers like Brené Brown, Gabby Bernstein, and Marianne Williamson a couple years ago. Their teachings are the thread through this list for sure, but overall, it is my interpretation of the messages found in their work and the things I've learned from friends, family, and strangers alike who have touched my life.

It is my expression of the lessons I’ve seen to be true in my own life and the ones I am still learning more about every day. 

1.  You get what you give.


2.  We’re all in this together.

3.  Perfection is an illusion.

4.  You always have a choice.

5.  Doubt doesn't always mean don't.

6.  We are all teachers, and students.

7.  Gratitude will change your attitude.

8.  Comfort and certainty are overrated.

9. You have to feel things to heal them.

10.  It’s ok to be vulnerable and ask for help.

11.  The light you see in others is a reflection of your own light.


12.  Believing you are enough is enough. 

13.  Sharing your story can help others discover theirs.

14.  True friendship stands the test of time and distance.

15.  Choosing to forgive instead of judge will set you free.

16.  It’s ok to admit you don’t know what you don’t know. 

17.  Choosing love over fear is the answer to every problem.

18.  There are always two sides of the street.

19.  Cultivating inner peace automatically creates outer peace.

Stokpic / Ed Gregory

Stokpic / Ed Gregory


20.  Sometimes the best advice is the kind you give to yourself.

21.  Kindness is the best bottom line, starting line, and finish line.

22.  Giving another person your undivided attention matters, a lot.

23.  Following your intuition will always lead you in the right direction.


24.  Not knowing what’s going to happen means anything is possible!

25.  Forgiving your thoughts will change how you experience your life

26.  People can change, but the only person you can change is yourself.

27.  Being willing to look at your behavior is the first step to change it.


28.  Creating the time and space to sit in stillness is the cure for indecision.

29.  When it feels like things are falling apart, they’re often falling into place.

30.  You have to build trust with yourself in order to build it with anyone else.

31.  Every relationship and interaction we have is there to teach us something.

32.  You can transform self-doubt into self-confidence by showing up for yourself.


33.  Our experience of the present moment is exactly what we choose for it to be.

34.  The words we speak and think have the power and meaning we give to them.

35.  What you say about other people says more about you than it does about them.

36.  The more we keep it real and tell the truth, the more we heal and the happier we become.


And there you have it! I’d love to hear some of yours. Email me at susie@susiedraper.com to share. 

xx, Susie